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After a nice ling lie-in my Saturday will be filled with mops, brooms, cleaning products and a duster. My little home needs some TLC and the only way to achieve this is to roll up my sleeves and give it some elbow-grease.

And if I find a moment I would like to complete my window-sill project that I started yesterday. But of course I still have  to work on my book to do and as it is a sunny Saturday I would love to carve out an hour to sit on my bench and read.

However I may need to consider a disco nap as I am going to be out late tonight, not dancing but returning the 80s. A friend and I are going to a late night screening of The Breakfast Club, one of my favorite films.

I didn’t see it in the Cinema when it first came out, 29years ago, but saw it a few years latter when i was in my mid-teens. I fell in love with the rebels and nerds alike and just loved the music. There was (and possibly is) just no one better than John Hughes to capture teenage dreams and insecurities and capture the authentic spirit of an era.

So even if my day will be filled with unpleasant scrubbing, polishing and cleaning I do have a lovely night to look forward to. So maybe I should just turn up the stereo, play Simple Minds and boogie my way around the house to “Don’t You Forget About Me”