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flowersFeeling a little blue I decided to treat myself to some cheerful Gerberas. As I put the happy flowers into a vase I couldn’t help but muse about the day that it is: Wednesday.

Wednesdays are funny days, they are half way through the week yet they often feel particularly long. Some call them ‘hump days’ and some studies even show that many find getting-over Wednesday harder than battling with the Monday-blues.

But a study done on day-of-week (DOW) productivity shows that Wednesdays tend to be the most productive day of the week, only slightly higher than Tuesdays. It’s no surprise that Fridays are the least productive, closely followed by Mondays, weekend hangovers and anticipation the most likely reason for this.

I wonder if that is why Wednesdays sometimes feel so never ending, we are too busy to have lunch and too tired in the evenings to do anything but stay home. Maybe that is also why RTE has their mid-week movie on a Wednesday night.

However, what is surprising, is that another study shows that Wednesday is the best night for dating, and if you don’t have a date, Wednesday is also the best night to pick someone up at a bar. In addition to this it seems that these mid-week bar-goers are friskier than their weekend counterparts and things are more likely to end up in the bedroom.

This is possibly down to the fact that people who go out on a Wednesday night tend to be more spontaneous, more extroverted and are looking to stay away from the crowds on Saturday and all those pesky out-of-towers.

And maybe the levels of productivity people have during working hours is just translated into flirt-activity at night and adds to the high success-rate on a Wednesday night.

Since I am meeting up with a friend for a film later maybe the two of us should stop in for a nightcap somewhere and see if the pubs in Dublin are sizzling with flirtatious energy. And if not at least I’ll have my cheerful Gerberas to come home to!

I like the good life too much, I’m not good at going on stage night after night and on wet Wednesday afternoons.

Actor Anthony Hopkins