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magic mouse padAs someone who sits a lot at her computer my right hand tends to rest on my wireless magic mouse quite a lot. It flits around my MAC screen as I work and eats quite a few batteries to keep it quick and nimble.

Every now and then as I change the lifeless AAs for new ones I am reminded of something I saw a while ago: the magic mouse charger, a nifty invention by moobee technology.

This practical and Eco friendly invention is really just a flat little pad and compact battery set for your mouse. It’s a quick and simple and works like a treat.

You just plug the pad into a free USB port in the back of your mac, rest the mouse on the pad when you’re not using it and hey presto, the mouse charges while it sleeps.

I know that you can get compatible rechargeable batteries from Apple themselves, but it really just means plugging in another set of something and always being prepared. After all, what good is it if you have to wait for batteries to recharge when you are working on a project?

So today when I saw that the Apple store had some magic mouse chargers in stock, I decided to treat myself to this neat and very practical invention and brought it home with me. It literately took 30 seconds to set up (if that) and I am loving it ever since.

Now all I need to do is rest my mouse after use on the pad it charges and is always ready to go. In addition to that I am being good to the environment , as it will cut down my battery usage considerably. And since it has been going so well I am contemplating buying the magic bar by moobee as well. This means I’ll be able to charge my keypad just as simply, save even more money in the long run and be totally Eco friendly.

I have to admit  for someone who isn’t really into techi toys I am a little bit in love with moobee today. I just think it is wonderful that they have come up with something so easy to use, affordable and completely practical.