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dragana_pic_lowresI have several very talented friends, but one in particular: Dragana Jurisic. She is a beautiful photographer and I love both her company and her work.

Yesterday she gave me an incredible and generous gift, a ‘thank you’ for the help I’d given her in the past. I still can’t quite believe that I may now call this work of art my own and I spent some time hanging it. It now thrones on a wall in my living room, somewhere that I will see and enjoy it everyday.

Dragana took ‘my’ photo in Skopje, Macedonia and it shows a bronze statue of a woman diving into a river (I think it may be the Vadar) below a stone bridge, and if you look closely you can even see some bronze legs sticking out of the water.

The photo was taken as part of her Doctorate and solo exhibition: YU: ‘The Lost Country’ in Belfast last year. This week the exhibition is coming to Dublin, to the RHA (Royal Hibernian Academy), and I am really looking forward to going to the opening on Thursday night.

But until then I will enjoy just looking at my very own ‘Jurisic’ and I know it will give me great pleasure for years to come.

Skopje, Macedonia. Main square littered with ridiculous ‘wizardof Oz’-like sculptures. Disney art vs. infrastructure. It’s very clear which has taken precedence. A nation in crisis. Flags everywhere. ‘We are Macedonians, whatever that means.’

Dragana Jurisic (from her writings)