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Tonight I am going to the theater with friends, long planned and finally here. We are going to see the new play written and directed by Enda Walsh: Ballyturk. 

It opened last month at the Galway International Arts Festival and has been talked about ever since. Ballyturk is set in a fictional noplace and deals with existence and the brevity of life, a mix of silly, funny, sad and deep.

Staring one of my favourite actors Stephen Rea who I met on Christmas Eve a few years back (but that is another story), alongside Cillian Murphy and Mikel Murfi, Ballyturk promises to be a great night out and I am really looking forward to tonight.

The only problem is that my nose is still running and I will have to figure out how to discreetly clean my nose, after all there is nothing worse than sneezing, coughing and nose blowing to ruin a trip to the theater.

And then there is the issue of my bag, normally one takes I like to take a smaller bag with me when I go out, but the piles of tissues I am going to need demands a bigger bag. This then, in turn, will effect my outfit, oh the life of one afflicted with a runny nose.

But I am determined to make theater and tissues work!

Mikel Murfi, Cillian Murphy and Stephen Rea in Ballyturk

Mikel Murfi, Cillian Murphy and Stephen Rea in Ballyturk