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I’ve been wanting to teach myself to sew for a good while now and while my mother is a great seamstress and my aunt is extremely talented, I have never really sat down at a sewing-machine.

Of course there was the obligatory time in school in which I did sew (with help) an apron but I never really got the hang of it and my mum always felt quite protective of her sturdy sewer, especially since my big sister seems to have played  a little havoc with it.

Anyway I have always liked the idea of making little cushions, tote bags and even patchwork blankets but I have never owned my own sewing machine. I did pull one out of a  skip one time but it didn’t work and so i disposed of it again.

However this year IKEA had a great deal on a lovely little white one, with blue and yellow (Swedish colours) trimmings. And while I have been trying to save I splurged on my very first own sewing machine.

Not quite sure of where to start I made a wonky pincushion for my neighbor and left it at that. I needed fabric but couldn’t afford an awful lot, but I did use it for my sock zebra, too. But when trusty Penny’s (or Primark) had some lovely tea-towels on offer and I decided to try my hand at making a tote.

And I have to admit I am quite proud of the result, it even has a lining made out of a bed-sheet. Now, I know my mother would give out about my wobbly stitching on the handles, but I did find them rather tricky. And yes I haven’t quite managed a perfectly straight line everywhere but for my very first try I am delighted.

And since it’s my friends Birthday on Wednesday I will gift this very first tote to her, and hope she can overlook the little messinesses and enjoy using it anyway.  totetote2