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Since I’ll be heading off to Germany on Tuesday I started making lists yesterday. Lists of what to pack, what to do and what to wrap. The wrapping is actually quite an important part of preparing since I’ll have one Birthday to go to and four nieces and nephews to shower with gifts.

Over the past few weeks I have been collecting bits and boobs but somehow I never really saw anything I wanted to gift my new baby niece. Not wanting to leave her out I decided to make her a little something and when I saw some lovely stripy socks my mind was made up what.

I sat down yesterday in front of my sewing machine (I am trying to teach myself) and started on a little sock zebra. Once the main bits had been tightly stitched together I stuffed and fluffed the body with filling, attached ears, sewed on eyes and et voila my toy was ready to be loved. I just hope my baby niece will like it.

zebra2 zebra