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I’m off to Donegal tomorrow, right all the way up  to the top of Ireland, the most north-westerly part of the island. A friend of mine has invited me up to spend a few nights in beautiful Ulster in a tiny town called Clonmany.

But before I head up to it’s yearly family festival and spend a few days looking at vintage tractors, exploring the hills, finding treasure and maybe even screaming on some funfair rides, I have a lot to do.

I need to figure out what clothes will be suitable for a “country and western style” festival, and since I don’t own a stetson or cowboy boots I may need to stick with chewing some grass and saying ‘yea-haw’. I need to charge my camera (very important), buy some provisions, harvest some veg at the community garden, put on  a wash and just do all those little things that need to be done.

And when I get back Tuesday or Wednesday I need to start getting ready to go to Germany the following week. Things to buy (family orders), people to notify, book train tickets etc.

Somehow “getting ready to go” is taking up nearly as much time as the “going” itself, so I better start and get going.

You can spend your life planning. But once you’re ready, get out there and start doing it.