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windowsill flower

Yesterday I spotted a tiny flower growing on a windowsill. It had somehow found a tiny crack, enough to allow it’s roots to take. It was delicate and fragile but looked happy basking in the sun, a minute purple flower soaking up the rays. As I got as close as I could, aimed my camera and took a photo, I started to think about the importance of small things.

We all have photo albums filled with special events and big occasions, visual aids to remind us of those significant days in our lives. But we rarely capture those quite, small moments that happen every day along the way.

The morning sun shining on the breakfast table illuminating the left over crumbs of a delicious croissant. That content feeling when you curl your naked toes into the warm summer grass. The smell and feel of freshly laundered sheets. The cheeky finger lick of cake batter that no one was meant to see. A thankful smile of a  stranger when you give up your seat for them on the bus. That moment of pure relaxation when your head hits the pillow and you don’t need to get up again. The satisfaction of buying new pens and notepads for the new school year. The ecstatic joy of finding a pair of jeans that just fit perfectly (possibly the hardest thing to achieve).

Our lives are made up of an array of small moments, tiny increments of time, short stories told in seconds. Most of them we forget or overlook, focusing too much on the big events that mark time passing. But maybe, like the tiny flower on the windowsill, if we just let our roots take hold in all the small crevices we see, perhaps we’ll find a lot more beautiful flowers along the way. And if we are really lucky, one of those small moments might just turn into a big one

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together

Vincent Van Gogh