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finale-deutschland-argentinien164_v-TeaserAufmacherAfter 24 years Germany  has finally won the World Cup again, and I am sure we won’t hear the end of it. After a long game the winning goal finally fell in the113min and sent the German team into football heaven. The 22 year old Mario Goetze was the man of the hour and he’ll be celebrated for days, even weeks, as the latest  German footballing hero.

Germany is filled with football lovers and if anyone was in the country when they hosted the World Cup in 2006 they will have gotten a taste of how big the game is over there. Since the conception of the FIFA World cup in 1930, Germany, who joined in 1934, has been in the final four 13 times, not a bad record considering there only have been 20 games in total. And while Brazil may have won the whole shebang five times, beating Germany by one, they have only been in the top four 11 times, which does show that Brazil may not be the biggest football nation after all. (And what about England? They only won it once in 1966 and came fourth in 1990, slim pickings if you ask me.)

With this big fourth World Cup win the German team are “Weltmeister” and if you believe the words of German goalie Manuel Neuer “ganz Deutschland ist Weltmeister. [all of Germany is World Champion]” so am I, or at the very least the German half of me is. And it doesn’t really matter that I am not really a football fan as I am delighted for my brother, who had a blast yesterday and went to bed with a big grin on his face.

Now the weeks of football invading our living rooms are over and we can all spend our time with more important things, or start planning our trip to Russia for the 2018 World Cup, I for one am going to continue being “Weltmeister” in my own four walls and I will leave you with my brothers ecstatic words: