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Today is the perfect day for a roadtrip, the sun is out and the week is up and lucky me gets to go on one,  if a few hours time I’ll be heading out to Galway.

It wasn’t planned and organised on a whim and I can only say it is all very exciting. A friend of mine, a lovey woman with flaming red hair and a brand new book deal, invited me to come along to see the world premiere of “Glassland” at the Galway Film Festival. She happens to know the director, talented Irishman Gerard Barrett, and when I picked her up from a lunch she had with him on Wednesday, he invited her and me (yes the hanger-onner) to come along.

So now I get to hop-knob with the glitterati tonight, see a film that won’t be coming out until much later this year and possibly end up at an after-party. That could mean cocktails with Jack Raynor, who is currently running behind Mark Wahlberg in the latest Transformer film, and who knows who else. Sadly I don’t think the wonderful Toni Collette will be there but maybe she’ll hear all about me and friend me on facebook!

With all this excitement looming and the weather promising to hold the only problem I have now is: what to wear?