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I am not a football fan (soccer for all you non Europeans), big or small but my baby brother, who is more than a head taller than me, married and a double dad, is. He loves football. So yesterday, knowing my brother would be stuck in front of the TV feverishly following the quarterfinal Germany against Brazil I decided to flick the switch and see how the lads were getting on on the pitch.

It was just about half way through the first 45 minutes  and I wasn’t really surprised to see a nil-nil score in the corner. A little bored by the boys kicking around I left the TV to entertain me in a more passive sort of way, a little like a radio. But a few moments later Germany scored, and then again, again and again.

I am also not a superstitious sort of person but this is not the first time I have ignored a football while it was playing on my TV, and this was not the first time that ‘my’ team won. And I must add that as soon as I switched the TV off Brazil did score, even if it was way too little, way too late and I did quickly click the TV back on.

The obliterating German win over Brazil may go world-cup down in history as an incredible match but only I will really know how I helped them win. And I best check the calendar when the final is on!


Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win.
Gary Lineker