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I am not much of a gardener, don’t really know many plants nor what they need to blossom and grow. But I do seem to have inherited a bit of a pale green thumb from my mother who is a wonderful gardener and is to be able to coax flowers to grow just about anywhere. My abilities may not be on par with my mums but I do have a few plants flourishing around the house and on my windowsills.

The one thing I particularly love to have are fresh herbs so I always have some in my window-boxes, chives, parsley and oregano are favourites of mine. This year I decided to try something new and when the community garden was giving away baby tomato plants I decided to give two a new home. Now , to my increasing delight and fascination, I have managed to grow a few tomatoes, still green and tiny but they are there and seemingly enjoying life on the path beside my blue bench.

So who knows, in a few weeks time I may be able to make a small salad with path tomatoes and window sill herbs.