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Deadlines looming, time relentlessly ticking on and a whole pile of work waiting, yet other things catch our eye, grab your attention, distract you from what needs to be done: our old pal Procrastination is back.

Most of us cuddle up with the big P from time to time, but some of us seem to have let him move in and disrupt our lives on a more daily basis. And while the only thing that really helps to shake procrastination off and get working is to just sit down and do it (sounds much easier than it is) but procrastination can have its benefits too.

Case in point is my recent lack of ‘bum-glue’, that magical substance that allows you to just sit down and stay there. It disperses any ants in your pants, helps your fingers dance over the keyboard and gets those creative juices flowing. But instead of letting procrastination talk me into curling up with a book and a mug of tea I have been productively procrastinating.

I dealt with all my paperwork and overdue filing, I tidied up my wardrobe, bagged clothes I no longer wear and even tackled my overflowing hoard of shoes and sorted the lesser-loved ones out.  The community garden has seen me more frequently, adding locally grown fruit and veg to my plate and my “pantry” has been reorganised, cleaned and sorted. I’ve even attempted sewing and have so far managed one patchwork pincushion for my neighbour.

But my main achievement, to my hearts delight and afternoon enjoyment, has been the creation of a bright blue bench that now thrones outside my front door.

Living so close to town in a tiny artisan cottage has many perks but one main downside: no garden. With the summer arriving in Dublin the need to sit out in the sun has knocked on my door again and I decided that I would do something about it. And since the front of my home is south facing it means that all afternoon the Dublin sun warms the path and shines in through my windows.

The idea of having a bench outside my door isn’t new, but the summer sun made it a more pressing matter and I asked a friend to help me turn the idea into reality.

So one sunny Tuesday afternoon a few weeks ago, we turned a plank of wood into a beautiful bench that I sanded down and painted a vivid blue. And since then one of my favourite spots to sit and read had become a Dublin inner-city path, surrounded by a few potted plants.

And while I have restarted this blog in a plea to kick procrastinations butt and get typing more again, I am glad that at the very least my procrastination has been somewhat productive.