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Hello again, and sorry for staying away for so long.

Over the last six months or so I have been taking a break from blogging to concentrate on my other writing and for a while it was really going well. I signed up for a writing course, revised my novel (still in progress) and even won a date with an agent. And yes three out of five of the agents I met want to read my manuscript once it’s done. This means I have to spent the summer finishing up about 40.000-50.000 (I cut about a third of what I had already written) until the end of August, just eight weeks away.

Sadly since then I have been suffering from writers-block and procrastination. So I decided to venture back in to the lovely world of blogging and get my fingers typing again. The idea is simple: if you type, it will come (yes a modified film quote).

With this in mind I am open for any helpful tips about applying bum-glue and how to turn restless thoughts into creative sentences.

Writers bloke is when your imaginary friends stop talking to you