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I found out last year that as lecturer, even a part-time one, I can take part in the courses that are offered, for free.

However when I tried to enroll in the spring the course I wanted to take was either full or was cancelled or something so I had to postpone my ‘academic’ curiosity for another year. But yesterday I sat my substantial bottom back on that school bench and listened to the first few hours of “Introduction to Psychology”.

With pen in hand and pad on my lap I was introduced to the father of psycho analysis Sigmund Freud. Of course we have all heard about him and may know a little bit about his theories, especially those who have ended up in our every day vocabulary, but it was very interesting to find out more about the man and his couch.

As the professor told his tales my Id, Ego and Superego all paid attention, quarreling about who was right and who should stay quite, no two ever of the same opinion. But when a guy in the back made a Freudian-slip and said ‘fraud’ instead of ‘Freud’ they all burst into giggles.

So today I feel all psyched out, too many thoughts in my head but I am sure over the next few weeks my grey matter will get use to the exercise and I will be the best of pals with Jung, Skinner, Watson, Pavlov and his dogs.

For now I have to get back to my lecturing duties and prepare, correct and grade but I will make sure to allow my Id a little time to play, my Ego to take a bit of a rest and my Superego to stretch a little.

The voice of the intellect is a soft one, but does not rest until it has gained a hearing. – Sigmund Freud