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It’s odd how one word can change an entire meaning of something. How a  few letters can create an image, paint a picture in our minds and influence how we think about something or someone. This thought occurred to me when I stumbled across the word cat lady in an article I was reading.

Interestingly enough being a lady is normally considered  being  a little bit better than just a woman. It implies you are sophisticated, have a certain flair and worldliness about you. You have taste, a sense of culture and style. But if you pop the word cat in front of it, the whole image changes.

Now if you are a cat lady you probably haven’t brushed your hair in a week, wear baggy jumpers with unicorns, hearts or teddies on them, live a lonely life surrounded by cats that you call your babies, no man in sight. However if you simply swap the word ‘lady’ to ‘woman’ a whole new image forms again.

Being  catwoman implies that you are clad in black leather or Lycra with luscious locks, a sexy stroll, a provocative purr and men groveling at your high-heeled boots.  You have your pick of the litter so to speak and seemingly lead a charmed life.

As a single woman of a certain age I seem to hover somewhere between cat lady and catwoman. I don’t own a pair of thigh-high black patent leather boots, but my allergy against cats means I don’t own a kitten either. Skintight Lycra really isn’t a good look for me, but jumpers with prints aren’t my cup of tea either. My hair isn’t long and luscious but my locks are brushed and tamed as much as I can get my curls to be. And while yes I don’t have men salivating on my toes, I do believe I am better looking and more interesting then a scarecrow.

So maybe I should just cross out ‘cat’ and try and decide whether I want to be a ‘lady’ or if being a ‘woman’ is enough for me. Or maybe I should wait until I find that man who make me feel like catwoman when I look like a cat lady and loves me even when I act like a little girl.

Be a girl with mind,a woman with attitude and a lady with class.