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I woke up this morning confused. I couldn’t figure out why I was having an allergic reaction, after all nothing is in bloom right now, but my nose was running as were my eyes. Then it hit me, I didn’t have hay-fever I have the  sniffles!

It isn’t a full blown cold yet, just a bit of a sore head and throat, a little stuffiness and watery eyes. And since I am not really sick, juts a little under the weather and I don’t need to go anywhere today I decided to take a pyjama day. After all I think it is better to nip those pesky bugs in the bud before I end up with a full blown flu.

So I snuggled down with my book and read, ignoring that it is a week day and enjoying myself thoroughly. I didn’t even open my blinds , blending the world out for a little while, savouring my hot tea and cosy cardigan.

As the day has moved on so has my sniffles, my head is back to normal and my throat seems on its way there too. Only my eyes and nose seem to have turned their running into a marathon, but I think after a good nights sleep and an easy weekend Monday will find me fully restored back to health.

And since I have  a busy week ahead of me, preparing the last bits and bobs before the semester begins, making sure everything is order and getting my scheduled back on track. But for now I’ll enjoy my PJ-day, the last one for  along while.

Life is full of sniffles, sobs and smiles. With sniffles predominating. – O. Henry