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As I cuddled down into bed with my book last night a switch was flipped and autumn arrived. Wind tousled with the leaves and the pitter-patter of rain on my wind sounded like tap-dancing birds.  And when my eyes flickered open late this morning the sky was grey, clouds tumbling into each other creating a drama.

With the temperatures dropping I didn’t want to get up but when I did I pulled socks on for the first time in months. With my toes snugly and warm I decided it was time to cover up with a cardigan and greet autumn with a cosy outfit.

So as I lounge around the house today, mug of tea in and and cuddly clothes keeping me warm I can’t help but feel excited about what this new season promises. I look forward to sitting in front of a crackling fire and evenings filled with candle light. I can’t wait to spend those wet Sunday afternoons watching a film or curling up with a book.

But it is also the beginning of  college, which means a lot of time spent teaching , grading, preparing classes and talking to students. So I will have to be more organised in my timekeeping, making sure I don’t forget what I want to do because of all the things I have to do.

However I look forward to blustery walks by the sea and trips to golden woods and hopefully my camera can capture some of the beauty of all that autumn holds.

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. – Albert Camus