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Opinionatedman is running an opinionated project, asking people to answer a few questions and spread free opinions around. So check out his site and maybe even take a few minutes to give your very own opinion. Here is mine:

Name: Jensine

Website: https://jensinewall.wordpress.com/

Twitter: @jensinewall

Who am I?  That is a question that is way to hard to answer. But what I can say is that I am a creative, colourful person, a lady who loves to laugh and have fun. However I do have lots of opinions about lots of things and don’t shy away from an argument.  And if it turns out I was wrong, I may need a while but I will change my mind.

Where am I from and where am I now? Well I am a bit of an international cocktail. My mum is German my dad from Northern Ireland and I was born in South Africa.  As I hold a German passport but live in Dublin I think it’s save to say that I am comfortable keeping the mix alive.

Currently I live on the Northside of Dublin, in a slightly rougher area with lots of colourful people around. My tiny home is a  2.5 room cottage in which I live, work and dream. And since you sometimes see things here you’d never expect it keeps my mind open and curious.

Dublin is a place of change. Over the past 15 years or so it has been playing catch-up with the rest of Europe and the sudden changes and new influences have mixed everything up. People have had to change their points of view and some seem to struggle with the speed their world has changed in.

The current financial downfall after the surprising boom means a lot of people are struggling to make ends meet but this economical change also means that people are daring to follow their dreams and make their own destiny. After all if you can’t trust banks and politicians why not trust yourself?

When did I realize I had my own opinion? I think it must have been very early on. I’ve always been a stubborn, marched to my own beat and done thing my own way; sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst.  I remember standing up to my Grandmother who wanted to put me down for a nap or argued with teachers if I didn’t agree. For me, no matter if it is your taste in clothes, the friends you pick, your political persuasion or sexual preference or beliefs, I believe you have a right to your own, unless it drastically affects others. After all we all live on the same planet and each of us has a right to a certain amount of space and freedom. But never forget about how your decisions affect others.

What levels of respect were practiced around you when you were a child? Since my mum is German I was taught well, from knowing how to use a fish knife and fork, how to set a table and to write thank-you notes.  Since we never had much money I lernt that it’s not what is in your wallet that makes you who you are and that wealth does not equal respect. It’s about how you treat others that reflects back on you.

How traveled are you and to what degree do you keep up with international news? I love to travel and have been to over 20 countries and I want to add many more to my list. I love seeing new cultures, meeting new people and trying new things. I do believe that the more we learn, be it in school or through experience the more we understand and can form a well-rounded opinion.

If you could share an opinion on a single international incident or topic that you either feel strongly about or that might not be known to the rest of the world what would it be? There are so many, from the financial problems to what’s happening in Syria. But I suppose one thing I really don’t get is why so many people on this planet still don’t recycle and fall prey to this materialistic world. Not that I don’t enjoy beautiful new things but my heart does beat faster when I get a good deal or can recycle something up, find a little treasure at the flea market. I hate the fact that we are drowning in plastic and that we have just so much waste.

What does the right to an opinion mean to you? Is it essential to freedom to have this right? See answer three

Is it ever right for you to be allowed an opinion while someone else is denied that same right on the same topic? No, every one is allowed an opinion and as I am a journalist I believe everyone has the right to express this opinion. However I do think freedom comes with responsibility, if you say your opinion expect others to disagree. And of course an opinion is sometimes not up for debate, for example beliefs are personal.  This doesn’t mean you can’t discuss or even argue about them, but since they are not necessarily rational but emotional they have to be approached with more caution, respect and tolerance. After all you can’t argue with feelings no matter what your opinion. However tolerance has to go both ways and some things are just wrong, like oppression of the weak, murder etc.

What does this project mean to you? How can Project O potentially enlighten or help the world? I don’t know if Project O will change the world but it may change a few points of view or give people food for thought. And since I believe in education and open discussion I am sure it will do more good than harm.