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With three weeks left until the new term begins summer is really coming to an end. The days are getting shorter and even though the weather is still warm and pleasant autumn is just around the corner.

When I look back over the past months I can’t believe how fast the summer has past by. I had so many plans and ideas about what I wanted to do, but somehow my clock and that of the season ticked at different speeds.

Berlin feels like a distant memory: meandering around the German capital snapping photos, sizzling in the heat and enjoying the thrill of the new all so long ago. But the five weeks of stepping away from normality helped me clear my head if not my schedule and even if I didn’t do all I had intended at the very least I had a chance to air out the attic of my mind.

But on my return my calendar was quickly filled with visitors and visits, catch-ups and chatter, parties and premiers but now I have to slow down, breath deep and try and get my routine back on track. And I need to not forget to carve out time to create beside all those daily chores.

I have to remember lessons I have learned,  the experiences I have gained and make sure I don’t lose them amongst the boxes and to-do-lists of my humdrum life. Maybe bring a little bit of Berlin to Dublin, mix up the capitals and create a cocktail to fit my heritage.

If I sum up my summer I think it was a success, more pros than cons and the have column is defiantly in the black. But with my bank balance tipping dangerously close towards the red I have to say the return of autumn also thankfully means the return of a regular income.

So if 60 seconds are in a minute, and the same amount of minutes to the hour adds up to 24 hours in a day, of which there are seven in a week, times four to create a month times twelve to get a year, divided by four to create a season can only mean that time is moving on and maybe Douglas Adams was right and the answer is 42.