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I spent Saturday afternoon gallivanting with the girls at the RDS show the ultimate girls day out, and while we did have fun watching a fashion show most of the exhibition was a little bland.

As I ambled around the stalls filled with beauty products, teeth whiting and gaudily glittering jewels I couldn’t help but feel how colourless most of the women there were, despite all the fake tan. They all seemed to adhere to some cookie-cutter form of beauty and lacked the sparkle of true allure.

So a little bored I made my way into town to meet other girls for dinner as my friend from New Zealand was celebrating her 30-faux birthday. After a delicious meal and delightful chatter  10 gay gals made their way to a cocktail-bar, skirts swinging, lipstick lips smiling and giggling all the way. After a few sips of May Tais, Cosmopolitans and Margaritas a lot more laughter a few flowers started to fade and decided to call it a night. But four pairs of dancing shoes decided is was time to brave the dance floor.

So with a few twists and turns, a couple of steps, a shimmy and a shake Saturday ended with Latin rhythms, salsa and a smile.