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I am having one of those days, my beautiful red polka-dot mug broke, I burnt my toast and set of the smoke alarm, my font-book on my mac is acting up and the-bride-to-be rejected the favour she asked me to do.

Many weeks ago she asked me if I could design the pamphlets for the ceremony and when she sent me the list of songs and order of service that is exactly what I did. We had arranged to meet this morning and go through the pamphlet, make changes if needed so that she could then print and staple them later in the day.

Well, that didn’t happen. I received a text this morning letting me that her husband-to-be had already taken care of it and there was no need now for us to meet up. Basically telling me all my work was for naught, a fruitless favour on my part.

Now, I do understand that getting married is a stressful time but I am so annoyed and feel quite used. What is the point in asking someone to do something if you are going to change your mind at the last minute? These kind of fruitless favours make the person doing the favour feel irrelevant, that their time is not important, nor that their help is. Fruitless favours are a main ingredient to failed friendships.

So with this Saturday starting out on every bad note possible, I can only hope that lunch and the following “girls-day-out” event will change today’s melody, allowing me to enjoy the tune of “Happy Birthday” at a friends party tonight.