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A friend of mine is getting married next week and even though I am , thankfully, not  a bridesmaid I have somehow been roped in to helping out. One of my jobs was to help out with her hens, a quite lingerie party, so  I baked some cup-cakes.
As the numbers were fewer than she thought our venue fell through so we ended up in a church-hall without wine. As there was plenty of fruit and cheese  the night out turned into a ‘lunch-eque’ gathering, all the chicks chatting and crumbling crackers while the bride-to-be unpacked  beautiful knickers and bras. This low-key event was exactly what the bride had wanted and that was the main goal.

It was very obvious that every hen in the room had a loving attitude towards the bride-to-be but somehow the festivities did fall a little flat. It may have been the sudden change of venue, or the non-atmospheric room, maybe it was the lack of music or that most of us didn’t really know each other but I couldn’t help but feel a little sad that this supposedly joyous event turned into a bit of a bland bash.After all aren’t celebrations meant to be filled with laughter and fun, not serious advice and friendly nods, aren’t you meant to get excited about the adventure that lies ahead?

But then maybe as a still seeking single I have too many romantic notions about how I think these things should be, or maybe a few cupcakes and crackers just don’t say “party” to me.cupcakes

PS: The recipe for these delicious cupcakes couldn’t be any simpler. Heat the oven at 200 degrees. For 12 just mix 125g of butter/margerine with 125g of caster sugar. Add in 2 large eggs (I normally add an extra one for more fluff) and beat till nice and creamy. Then add 125g of self-raising flour into the mix (if you sieve the flour the batter becomes really smooth, and if you don’t have self-raising just add 1 tablespoon of backing powder). For a little extra smoothness and taste add 1 tablespoon of vanilla (or any other flavour) and 2 tablespoons of milk (I sometimes use yogurt it gives it a little extra cream). Then just fill your cupcake forms with equal amounts of batter and bake for 15-20 minutes until golden brown. For the icing mix 2 cups of powdered sugar (icing sugar) with 2 tabelspoons of butter /margerine, add in 2 tabelspoons of milk and 1/2 a tabelspoon of vanilla (or any other flavour). If you want to colour it just add as many drops of food-colouring as you like.  just make sure that the cupcakes are completely cold  before you ice them.