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Writing is easy. All you have to o is cross out the wrong words.

This quote by Mark Twain hangs over my desk and every time my eyes flit over it I can’t help but smile. If only it were as simple as Mr Twain claims in these two little sentences.

Over the last few days I have been thinking more than typing, trying to figure out what it is I actually want to write. After all there are so many different forms, from fiction over fact. And with all the ideas in my head turning somersaults and competing for attention it is hard to figure out where to start.

So instead of crossing out wrong words my time is spent trying to figure out the first word, how to start, where to begin. But thankfully I still have few weeks left and hopefully some time in between class preparations and typing up module guides to try and figure out what the right words are.

And even if I don’t end up being as successful and revered as Mark Twain, or Samuel Langhorne Clemens as his mama called him, I may, at the very least, be happy with what I write, if I’m very lucky maybe others may enjoy it too. And if the stars align and I get the timing write, who knows I may still be published yet.

But for now I will be satisfied when I find a beginning and know which wrong words to cross out., not those of my students but the one my fingers find on my keyboard.