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Time is such a weird and wonderful thing. Sometimes it just flies by, hours turning into minutes and days transforming into a weeks without you really realising it. Other times it comes to a halt, time put’s on its snail outfit and crawls by while you impatiently hop from foot to foot wanting the arms on the clock to move faster.

This week I have been struggling to keep up with time, the hours in my days seem to have halved themselves and I am certain my week only had four days. My time has been filled with friends and films, a wonderful mixture it only I didn’t need to get some work done too.

So as my to-do-list seems to be growing as my time decreases I wonder if I could somehow lock down my hours, keep my time on a short  leash. All I need to do is figure out how to pin down the minutes and lengthen the hours.

But maybe it more down to my very own time keeping skills as I do tend to get a  little sidetracked or lose interest in what I am doing. And yes, I do seem to spend some of my time procrastinating, thinking about what I should be doing instead of doing it. However this week I think the issue lies with my visitor!

After all my space and time is no longer just my own so coordinating spending time with my friend, sitting at my desk, viewing films and catching up on my six weeks absence is proving quite time consuming. But there is a new week filled with sparkling new days and hopefully long hours just around the corner and I hope that if I treat my time well it will keep!

“Time stays long enough for those who use it.“ – Leonardo Da Vinci

“Time stays long enough for those who use it.“ – Leonardo Da Vinci