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Late last night a knocking, banging and calling echoed around the cul-de-sac I live in. It was my neighbour a few doors down trying to rouse her husband-to-be from his heavy slumber and open the door to their home to let her in.

This went on for quite a while so I opened my bedroom window and called out to her offering my help, just like her next-door neighbour had obviously done. So there we were in the middle of the night, helpless and unable to come up with a solution since none of us had a ladder to hand.

I would have offered her my spare bed, if my New Zealand friend wasn’t chasing dreams in it already, but I did offer her my chair, phone and car none of which she needed. After more knocking, combined shouting and conferring my tired neighbour got into her car and drove to her sister  leaving her husband oblivious to the ruckus he had unwittingly caused while sleeping.

Watching her taillights disappear into the night I closed my window and cuddled down into my bed. As I closed my eyes  I couldn’t help but wonder about all those moments in life when we feel helpless, unable to do anything. When we see something happening, be it big or small, and can’t intervene. Not because we don’t want to but because we either don’t have the correct tools, abilities or funds to do anything about the situation.

However as I drifted of to sleep I couldn’t help but giggle, knowing that the slumbering husband-to-be would wake up and have to face a very angry woman.