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After six week of a hot German summer I got on a plane and flew back to Dublin yesterday morning. As always when returning home from a trip there are mixed feelings. On the one hand I was looking forward to my bed, home and friends but on the other hand the six weeks just flew by, faster then I ever thought was possible.

As I sat at the gate in Hamburg waiting to board my flight, my thoughts traveled back to Berlin and all the wonderful things I had done and seen. But with my camera and laptop tucked away in my hand-luggage and my flea-market finds stowed away in my suitcases I have enough physical reminders of a magical summer.

The flight back to Dublin was only a little bumpy but the smooth landing made up for it. And even though my car needed a jump-start after resting for six weeks I made it back home with all my treasures still in one piece.  All down to the good wrapping and packing I did back in Hamburg, but it still felt a little like Christmas morning as I opened up the bundles.

As luck would have it I had an invite waiting for me to go to a preview screening of Two Guns last night, a perfect start back into everyday life. After all what girl has two hunks like Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg welcoming them back home?

The film was good (review to follow) but I have to admit the thing I enjoyed most about my spontaneous trip to the cinema was the surprise donuts we all got. The reason for this delicious treat was hidden in the film but whatever the reason as the icing melted on my tongue and the soft center caressed my pallet I suddenly understood peoples obsessions with the delicious rings of dough. And if you ever visit Dublin keep your eyes open for Empire Donuts, an Irish brand that has perfected these American treats.

 a film and free treat. the perfect evening out ... courtesy of Entertainment 1 and Empire Donuts

a film and free treat. the perfect evening out … courtesy of Entertainment 1 and Empire Donuts