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I arrived in hot Hamburg yesterday afternoon, the temperature had steadily risen while I sat on a air-conditioned train and when I stepped onto the S-Bahn a wall of heat hit me and my heavy bags.

Luckily for me my sister-in-law and my little nephew took me out for a refreshing ice-cream. And as we walked through Bergedorf in the sweltering heat I taught my nephew to sing “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream”. So there we were, me huffing-puffing and sweating as I dragged my heavy suitcase over the cobbles stones and a little-two year old on his baby-blue scooter, little legs pumping away as he propelled himself forward, singing more loud than pretty all the way to the ice-cream parlour. I am sure quite a sight to behold.

courtesy of Tina Webster illustrations

courtesy of Tina Webster illustrations

Today the sun has turned itself up a few more notches and I have decided to stay indoors in my brothers lovely flat and enjoy endless cups of tea. However I do think I will brave the heat in a little while and get a little lunch time treat for my sister in law when she comes home from school for some lunch … she is a teacher, glasses, stern gaze and all.

Later we will all pile into my brothers car and drive further up north towards the north-sea to the tiny town my sister and mother live in. This weekend there is a big town festival going on, flea-market, crafts, bands, lots and lots of food.

Way back when I lived at home I use to go to the festival every year, it was a highlight of the summer and always good fun. And since I was planning on being in Germany anyway I decided it was high time I paid the party a visit and see what memories live up to reality. The only problem is the heat and the forecasted thunder storms that may the whole event into a humid fiasco. But at the very least there will be music, if I am lucky maybe even Bananarama’s 1983s hit ‘Cruel Summer’, an all time favourite of mine and a great match for the weather we are having!