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In a few hours I’ll be pulling the door into it’s lock, ending my time here in Berlin. I’ve enjoyed my stay in Germany’s capital, I have loved wandering the streets and trying to find the unusual. But I have to say that even after four weeks I still haven’t been able to see it all, which means I will need to come back, maybe when it’s a little cooler.

But for now my head is bustling with memories, my bags bursting with keepsakes and my camera full of photos. And  can’t wait to catch up with friends back in Dublin and share my adventure, show off my finds and force them to look at all my pictures.

However I still have six days of family fun ahead of me. I’ll have to entertain and cuddle my two year old nephew, play with my teen-age niece and nephew, chat with my siblings and in-laws and spend some time with my mother and god-mother. So if you don’t hear from me in the next few days it will be due to a combination of no time and no internet connection.

Before I can leave I still need to pack a few bits and pieces into my already bulging bags and try and carry them all to the train station a feat I am not sure how quite to master but i am sure I wlll somehow survive. So I bid you all a farewell for now and wave Berlin goodbye, a happy sigh on my lips as I pull the heavy blue shut for one last time.

behind this door lies my Berliner home

behind this door lies my Berliner home