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Had issues with my internet connection hence the late post this was from Monday

I only have three days and one morning left to take in as much of the Berliner Luft (Berlin air literally translated) as possible. The song “Berliner Luft” was written by the famous composer Paul Linke 1904 and has become the synonym to describe the atmosphere and free-spirit of Berlin and it’s people.

For Berlin is more the way the German Jazz musician Roger Cicero describes it in his song “So Geil Berlin”. He talks about how Berlin is unconventional, very direct, a little dirty and with it’s very unique odour… exactly the way I have experienced it.

For me Berlin is loud, colourful, filled with the usual and unusual sitting happily side by side. People are friendly but a little rough around the edges, culture, both traditional and alternative, is everywhere.

Food is cheap, if you want it to be, but you can find really expensive places too. But no matter what size your purse you are sure to find what ever you hearts desires and taste-buds demand … every country, flavour, spice and combination you can’t even dream of is just a s-bahn trip away.

No matter what time-period or era you are looking for Berlin has something to offer but somehow Berlin is timeless, shops open both early and late, a day becomes a week and before you know it the month has passed.

Since I only have a few final days left to fill my lungs, heart and head with the unique flavour this wonderful European Capital has to over I think I’ll put on my shoes and take a walk in the rain and enjoy a bit of bustling Berlin from underneath an umbrella, something i haven’t been able to experience yet during this hot summer.