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I am not  a very happy camper today. After a lovely day yesterday walking along the Spree in Berlin I have a small sunburn and, which is much worse, a really sore insect bite on my left ankle, right below my tattoo.

I admit the sunburn is my own fault as I properly didn’t renew my sunscreen in time but the bite is something I really couldn’t do anything about. So last night I went to bed with a swollen, red, throbbing foot. Feeling all hot and bothered my night was short and anything but sweet, obviously unlike my blood.

This meant that my first mission of the day was a trip to a pharmacy to find out what evil beast had filled its belly with my blood. The flying foe turned out to a Griebelmuecke (black fly), a tiny member of the mosquito family that like a  ninja silently approaches you and then numbs the area it bites so you can’t even feel it. Once it has had it’s fill it leaves you with an itchy bite filled with venom.

Of course scratching makes it worse but since you don’t know what it was that bit you you rub away and spread the toxins. Luckily for me I’m only in Berlin and not Africa which means I don’t have to fear larvae implanted under my skin or worms.

However another lovely side effect is that it can, if you are unlucky, take a few weeks to calm down but I am hoping the cream I bought will quicken the healing.  Until then I will be wandering around with a swollen, red foot, not a pretty sight and quite painful … a promise of a few more hot and bothered nights to come. Of course I won’t be able to avoided the bruising that will remind me of the little vampire for a while but I will keep you posted if I start to grow fangs.

the little beast

the little beast