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Yesterday was the beginning of a perfectly relaxing Saturday. After a leisurely breakfast in the garden and a pleasant chat with friends I spent the day sitting out on the grass, the sun high in the sky and I cool in the shade.

The birds chirped and sang around me, the bees buzzed and summed and on a nearby balcony someone was playing the guitar, a summer orchestra right on my porch. I read, wrote, sipped tea and even did a little bit of work, time had no meaning only allowing the shadows to grow and the sun to wander across the sky.

When the sun began to descended for the night my friend and I went to the Museums Insel, right in the middle of Berlin. We shared a bottle of wine over freshly baked pizza and watched couples dance the Waltz and Tango on the banks of the Spree. With our plates empty and our stomachs full we sat in the Amphitheater and laughed our way through a delightfully funny comedy.

More wine, people watching and fiendly banter waited for us when we left the theater with smiles and we sat under the twinkling lights enjoying the warm summer night air. Not ready to say our good nights more wine and chat followed at home until the sun awoke.

And when I finally went to bed I closed with my eyes with a smile on my lips … a sleepy Saturday smile.