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A few weeks ago I noticed that my favorite mug has a crack … a big, long one down the side. I got quite upset when I saw it, but the crack hasn’t opened up, it doesn’t leak and the mug is still whole.

But seeing the crack in my red and white polka-dotted mug every morning makes me think of all those cracks we carry within us. We have all lived through situations  when we’ve thought we would shatter, break apart. But somehow our inner glue holds us together and over times seems to mend the cracks. But like in pottery these inner cracks may be sealed, but they are still there, making us vulnerable.

Our first heartbreak makes us more cautious. Our fist rejection letter makes us more aware of our abilities. The first time someone we love dies, makes us understand our transient nature. But all these little cracks make us who we are, make us unique, just like my big red and white mug with a hairline crack running down its side.

And while I was pondering these thoughts, a song I loved back in my twenties came on the radio, it was Meredith Brooks singing ‘Shattered’. How apt.

So while I have a lovely but busy day today and the next five days will be filled with “things-I-need-to-do-before-Berlin“, I feel shattered, not just cracked. Hopefully that means I’ll make it to bed early and wake up fresh in the morning to savour some hot tea from my favourite mug. Sadly I know it is probably only a matter of time before the crack becomes a tear and then it will shatter. But when that happens maybe I can make something out of the broken pieces and it would be  great excuse to by a new favorite mug.

my cracked mug

my cracked mug