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Although I am not teaching at the moment my desk calendar still seems to fill up quickly. And with time running out fast until I hop on a plane for Berlin I have to plan a little bit. And of course there still is my to-do-list of all those little and big chores that seem to pile up no matter what time of year it is.

Studies done by E.J. Masicampo (Wake Forest University) and Roy Baumeister (Florida State) showed, that when we plan ahead we allow our brains to free up our cognitive resources (perception, memory, judgment, and reasoning) for other things. This means that when we plan, we are not just making it possible to succeed in reaching specific goals, but we are actually giving our minds space to deal with other stuff, too. One plan made means; we have time and mind-power to think of the next thing. However the follow-through is an entirely different matter!

As a long-time procrastinator I am a great planner, after all thinking about doing things is what we procrastinators do. But when it comes to completing the plan I am not so great. That is why I was thrilled when I was so organised and had my trip to Berlin all planned out and booked early on this year. Not only did I have a cheap flight and train ticket, but also a lovely place to stay all lined up.

So when I found an email in my inbox this afternoon telling me that the flat I was going to stay in was no longer available (personal issues) I was devastated. For once I in my life I had planned long-term ahead and to no avail. And now I had to change my plans. However as a procrastinator I am great at getting things done at last minute so I have sent out a flurry of emails and pleads looking for a new abode. And I am sure someone somewhere will find a bed and roof for me in the next two weeks. If not I am hoping for good weather and a comfy bridge.

It all goes to show that the famous management consultant and author Peter Drucker was so right when he said:


Unless a commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes … but no plans

some afternoon treats to soften the blow

some afternoon treats to soften the blow