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In two weeks the semester is over and my summer will officially begin. And somehow the anticipation of this summer makes me feel like  a little school girl again. The excited feeling in the pit of your stomach that makes me smile for no reason at all, the need to draw big red crosses on the days that are passing and all those plans and dreams bouncing around in my head.

There are so many things I want to do and so many projects I have planned that I fear the summer may not be long enough. But  with the promise of warmer weather and a city adventure on the horizon I am sure this will be a summer I will remember.

However as I yearn for tomorrow I must not forget today nor should I neglect my duties that I still have. My students are busy finishing up their projects and deserve my full attention, then there is grading and paperwork that needs to be done.

So I am trying to put my dreaming on hold, anchor myself in today and be right in the now. Hard when your inner child has already packed her brightly coloured  bucket and spade and is impatiently waiting to go down to the beach and play. But she will have have to wait for a little while longer count down the days until it’s time to build sandcastles out dreams.

left behind

castles, dreams built of sand