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After two and a half days of lounging around in my pj’s, only moving from bed to sofa to lazy chair in front of the fire and back I’ve had enough of this cold. So at 2pm I decided to stop being sick and took a shower.

Now there is something intrinsically rejuvenating about a shower, it washes away all the old allowing the new to shine through. So I stood and let the hot water envelope my body, scrubbed, shaved and exfoliated, washed and conditioned my hair and stepped out of the shower feeling like a new person.

As I wrapped myself up in my bid blue dressing gown Ia song I hadn’t heard in years popped into my head. And as I toweled my hair and slathered copious amounts of cocoa butter lotion onto my body I started singing the old tune until I got stuck on the lyrics.

So here is the song for all of you enjoying a new beginning today, Mitzi Gaynor in South Pacific showing us all how rejuvenating a shower can be: