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Tonight the clocks are jumping forward and we are all losing an hour of precious time.  And while I know we will get it back in October I do wonder where the hour goes in the meantime.

Does it take a break and relax for half a year or does it wander around the equator wondering what do to with its time? Or maybe this lost hour hoovers near us and makes things we don’t like seem longer. But where ever it goes I know I’ll be missing it tomorrow when I have an hour less sleep and a week ahead of me trying to get my inner clock adjust to the one on my wall.

But at the very least our time will be in summer mode unlike our weather that has decided to stay wintery for a little while longer. But the promise of our clocks will hopefully soon be fulfilled and the sun will be shining down on us in full force.

The other thing that I have been losing over the past few nights is water. While we have had lots of rain, sleet and even some smatterings of snow Dublin’s water reserves seem to be at an all time low. To counteract this issue Dublin City Council has been turning the water off over night, leaving me standing  in front of empty taps and waterless kettles.

Why DCC has decided to limit the flow of water over Easter is beyond me but every night at 10pm my tap runs dry and my hot water bottle stays cold and leaving my glass more tan half empty.  So tonight I will try and stay on top of my watery needs and fill a bowl or two. After all as the wonderful poet  W.H.Auden  once said:

Thousands have lived without love, not one without water

tapMy tap is still lowing over … for now