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A friend of mine recently went of gluten and most milk products. And when I saw her eyes sparkle and face light up when she talked about how good she felt I decided to give at least the almond milk a go. I had tried the gluten thing in the past and it made no difference what so ever, but almond milk sounded delicious.

Like all good housewives of today I ‘googled’ almond milk and how to make it. So I soaked my ground almonds in water for two days and because the recipe told me I could flavor it I added some vanilla. After about 48 hours I blended the whole lot and then it was done.

Now I have to admit that I wasn’t impress, my porridge didn’t taste great, quite watery and the milk didn’t work in my tea at all. So after a few days of attempting almond milk I switched back to the mundane ones from cows.

However now I am stunned at why so many rave about almond milk, and I was even more perplex when I saw that a liter of almond milk costs  €2.30.  Maybe I didn’t do it right, maybe I got it wrong somehow. So puzzled and willing to give it a second chance I am asking can someone tell me how to do it better?