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NO I haven’t been hiding a pregnancy from you, nor have I accrued a child any other way (pram stealing or buggy napping) but my big Mac (pun intended) has now  a little sister.

On Tuesday I bought a Mac Book Pro, something I have been longing for and  do need for my teaching job. Finally I had saved up enough and splurged on my new silver baby. The timing was crucial as it needed to be during the semester to still get a slight lecturers discount and before my trip to Berlin.

Now I can play with my new technical toy and enjoy being able to carry a mini office around with me. Thankfully Easter is giving me a few extra days to install all  things I need and spend time getting use to the smaller screen.

The only tiny problem I have with my beautiful new laptop is the fact that the charger for the battery is so big, and quite bulky. But then I’ll just take this opportunity to buy a little pretty bag to stow the cable in and which women doesn’t enjoy shopping for bags?

But for now I am just happy to look at my new baby and I can’t wait what magical things will appear on the screen, what enchanting words I’ll discover in the keyboard and what hidden treasures are just a mouse click a way.

And while I will refrain from taking it to bed with me to night or nibbling at it’s gorgeous exterior I can’t help but agree with the wonderful Steve Jobs:

We made the buttons on the screen look so good you’ll want to lick them