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Like the most of Europe Ireland has been dipped into quite an extensive cold spell. However unlike lots of other places Dublin hasn’t really had any snow, sadly. Of course there has been a few flakes every now and then and even a few mornings coated in a thin layer of white, but overall snow has stayed away.

As a snow-lover I have watched enviously as Northern Ireland has had snow alerts, Germany has been covered in layers and layers of fluffy white. But this morning I awoke to a  grey clouded sky filled with snowy promise. And my heart sang as I watched a few flakes drift down and land, then  a few more, yet before they could cover up the grey of the early morning, the snow-flakes turned into hail and then a sleety rain.

And as I watched the empty promise of a wintery white day melt and disappear I realised how like snow ideas are. Those hints of thoughts, that flutter of a concept, a flicker of something tickling the mind, wanting to come out and play. But like snow if the temperature isn’t right, or the ground not cold enough for it to settle, ideas melt and disappear before they turn into something real and beautiful. However like a tiny flake, an idea can grow, combine with others, turn from a dusting to a coat and sometimes even become a force of nature like an avalanche.

So my aim for today is to prepare some ground for ideas to fall, give them a chance to grow and not just turn into a cold puddle of slushy, grey water. Or with the words of the brilliant writer Vladimir Nabokov:

Genius is an African who dreams up snow