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Saint Patrick day is well and truly over. Thankfully in my case as the disruption of everyday life did get in my way. Students didn’t show up for classes, tourists clogged up the streets and traffic was diverted. And green, everywhere was green. Cheap plasticy hats, bow ties and head poppers wandering around the city, touristy t-shirts, socks and even bibs declaring their Irishness, need kissing or that the leprechauns did it on buses, the Luas and in every pub.

Thankfully with the dawn of Tuesday morning the fay have been put back into the box and normality has returned to Dublin. And while the world is saying goodbye to green I am enjoying the fresh green peaking out from my window box.

I love the colour green, all hues from lime all the way up to a deep forest. it’s a colour that most people associate with nature, health and relaxation. But of course there is the other side to green: envy, immaturity, illness and even deterioration.

But with a nod to spring and a sigh of relief that Paddy’s Day has passed I will wear green today maybe because everyone else has said Goodbye.

Trinity College Dublin, St. Patrick's Day 2013

Trinity College Dublin, St. Patrick’s Day 2013