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I’ll be heading off to Germany again later today. This time Hamburg is my destination. When my aunt got sick last year, and I had to discover Berlin alone, we arranged to meet up again this spring. So now I am half packed and nearly ready to go.

Hamburg is a beautiful city and I’m looking forward to visiting a few museums, wandering around town and taking a stroll along the Elbe. An other great attraction of Hamburg is that my little nephew lives there, well so does my brother and his wife. And since it’s my baby brothers birthday on Monday I decided to stay a few days longer and celebrate him growing old. This means I get to tickle, cuddle and chase around his one-and-a-half-year-old son for a couple of days and I am looking forward to his little boy hugs.

Of course my suitcase is filled with goodies for both young and old a collection of my brothers favorite biscuits, polos (peppermint sweets) for my niece, gifts in all shapes and sizes and even some homemade jam for my aunt. But the biggest space is taken up by an undelivered Christmas parcel. For some reason the oh so efficient German post declared my brother “unable to find” and sent the big bulky package back to me. At least it came back and now we’ll just celebrate Christmas in February, slightly better than July anyway.

So while I am getting ready to become a Hamburger for a few days I am enjoying the relish (intentional pun) of preparing for a trip, hoping a few days away will recharge my batteries.