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Last night I was feeling a little bit peckish, but not for chocolate but definitely for something sweet. When the mandarin didn’t quite hit the spot I stared into my kitchen cupboard for a while, waiting for inspiration of the culinary kind to appear. And suddenly it dawned on my, how about the left over marshmallows from last week and some peanut butter, and it turned out to be just perfect.

Now I am not pregnant nor do I normally even like marshmallows very much, but for some odd reason the idea of the sticky sweetness and the crunchy, saltiness of the peanut-butter was exactly the right kind of sweet that I was looking fr.

And while I sat and chewed, a smile on my face, I started wondering about all those odd things that work, even if they shouldn’t. I suppose it is the whole discussion whether or not opposites attract. Some of my closest friends are so very different from me, but I love them dearly and respect their opinions. And when it comes to love we often feel drawn to that one person who seems to live a completely different life.

However studies show that while we may feel an initial attraction, if there isn’t enough common ground between people their relationships seem doomed to fail. This doesn’t mean that you have to agree on everything but a study from 2005 (University of Iowa) shows that if people have similar personalities they are more likely to have a long lasting relationship. The reason behind this is that when we are with likeminded people we feel validated.

However as we are flawed we seem to think that we want something different and get hurt when it doesn’t work out. So maybe it’s a bit like my peanut-butter and marshmallow concoction, it is great for a change of taste but if you were to have it every night you’d soon get sick of it.

PS: I never knew that peanut-butter and marshmallows together is called fluffernutter, and there seems to be a lot of fans