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The sound of something dropping in through my letterbox woke me up this morning. I could tell by the sound that it wasn’t just a letter and since I wasn’t expecting any deliveries and it’s not my Birthday anytime soon, I was pleasantly confused over what it could be that made such a promising thud.

As soon as I saw the large brown cardboard envelope I recognised my mum’s handwriting and my puzzlement grew. My mother is a generous person but she doesn’t normally send me gifts out of season, so I was more than a little confused.But as soon as I opened the little parcel up I had to smile.

When I was in Germany for my mum’s 70th Birthday I had brought an old apron of mine with me. It was pink and had shoes on it but it was starting to get stained and as I had received a sparkling new apron for Christmas I figured I could sort it out.  However since I love shoes, I wondered if maybe my mum could make something out of the fabric, possibly even a cover for my tea-cosy that had seen better days. And that is exactly what my mum did.

So now my turquoise teapot can keep my tea warm underneath a beautifully unique shoe-y tea-cosy. What a lovely way to start the day, and week for that matter. A surprise gift symbolizing home and comfort reminding me that sometimes receiving is just as lovely as giving.

front_teacosy back_teacosy