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There is a pub on the corner to the street where I live. I pass it by nearly every day but in the two and  a half years that I have lived here I have never been inside. I am not really sure why, I think it is a combination of not being a “pub-goer’ per se, that the men and women who hang around outside look less then inviting and that I generally meet people in town.  But yesterday everything changed!

About a week ago I found an intriguing flyer in my letterbox. It was from my corner pub inviting me to something, what was very unclear as it didn’t say just listed names and the image was of knives and forks. But because I didn’t know to what this flyer was inviting me I thought I might go, just to find out.

So when my neighbour dropped in for a cup of tea we decided to venture over and check out what it was all about and boy were we pleasantly surprised. We had to wander through the pub and climb a flight of stairs to find a lounge packed with people. Unlike the lovely old men nursing their pints downstairs these were a collection of arty, alternative and interesting looking  men of women of all ages.

The evening started off with an original reading, moved on to french chansons and then moved on to a lyrical poet, who sang wonderfully songs in a  modern mistral style.

This unique evening was not like anything we had expected and as our pleasant surprise turned into exhaled joy we both decided that this monthly event of “The House Presents” was well worth dropping in on.

And as I sat and taped my toes, sang along and drank red wine I grinned and realised that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover but it seems the same goes for corner pubs.

And if you want to know the reason for all my raving, check out  the unique Larry Beau and his lyrical storytelling: