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It’s the first of February and what a wonderful start to the month it’s been. The lovely Diane has decided to nominated me for the Reality Blog Award, and what a rare honour it is.


Diane’s blog is called hometog0232 and is a place filled with fictional tales, interesting thoughts and lots of love, a true home of an inspired writer, even if she calls herself a “writerwannabe”

Now Diane knows me well enough to tell me I don’t have to play by the rules when excepting the award, so I won’t answer the questions asked but I will nominate three wonderful blogs of my own.

But first I will give the reasons why:

They are RARE in this multitude of blogs in this expansive wordpress world.EVERYDAY I look forward to reading their posts and/or their comments on my offerings of the day. I ALWAYS learn something of feel inspired by their words and I feel LUCKY to have found them, or they me, floating around in this world wide web. These blogs are INTELLIGENT and I always feel I better after reading them, either because I have learnt something, have something to think about or my belly hurts from laughing. I enjoy their TRUTHFUL representation of what they believe and who they are, always honest and truly enjoyable. These blogs are YUMMY bites of words, whipped up into delicious slices of thoughts and ideas, sustenace for teh soul if you will.

So here are my nominees for this rare reality award:

Mr JDGallager

DianaSSchwenk and her talktodiana


And because I enjoy her company so much: