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After yesterdays downpour and wet-knicker experience I made myself a pot of hot vegetable soup. As I sat and spooned the steaming hot combo of vegetables and mushrooms into my mouth I watched the rain beat against the window.

As the wind made a plastic bag dance down the street I felt content, the hot soup in my belly making me feel safe and warm while the stormy, wet weather played havoc with the world outside. And even though my soup is not pretty to look at, the mixture of beans, broccoli, carrots and mushrooms all mashed together became an unsightly greeny-brown, it tastes wonderful, the perfect food for a wet and windy day.

The weather has gone from bad to worse today and because I have to brave the blustery storm in a little while I am thankful that my pot of soup is heating up on the stove. A little bowl of comfort food will help to keep me warm and brighten my spirits for the afternoon of teaching.

So while it may not be the perfect weather for a walk, it definitely is the perfect weather for soup, comfort food and healthy all in one. And if a spoon full of sugar is the perfect antidote to anything bitter, a spoonful of soup is the best cure for the wet-weather blues.

And as Ludwig van Beethoven said so kindly:

Only the pure of heart can make a good soup