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The surprising TV hit of 2012 was The Great British Bake Off. In this program people of all walks of life entered a tent, baked cakes of all shapes and sizes and were judged by Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood, two of the UK’s leading bakers.

Now I may be a baker myself but I never watched the show. However yesterday evening as I was flicking through the channels I was mesmerized into watching The Great British Comic Relief Bake Off. As I scrutinised celebrities bake custards slices to various degrees of success, I also learnt that a “soggy bottom” (not fully backed and still wet) in pastry isn’t very good.

As I had breakfast this morning I watched the sun play with my prism in the window and make rainbows dance around the room. So I decide to take a walk up to Clontarf Castle and visit the Antique Fair there. But somehow it took me  a while to get ready and by the time I put on my boots the sun was playing hide and seek with clouds.

Not wanting to be deterred I gathered up my glass bottles and jars for the container, deciding to dispose of them on the way (they have been annoying me for a weeks), and left the house. However I reached the park just in time to see the sky go grey, the GAA and Football players flee the pitch and cold sleety rain bucket down from the heavens.

I was left with the decision to press on or turn back, after all I wasn’t even half way to the glass container. Still not wanting to give in I made my way through the park, the rain belting down on me from behind. By the time I reached the glass container I was soaked through all the way down to my underwear, my dress was wringabley wet. Bravely I disposed of my jam jars and wine bottles, the rain and blustery wind chilling me to the bone.

Feeling miserable  and not wanting to prolong my wet state much longer I opted out of the Antiques Fair and turned around to go home. Half way through the park I decided to take a quick detour to the shops, after all if I wasn’t going to treat myself to a cappuccino and a slice of cake in the castle, I could buy myself a piece of cake and enjoy eating it in warm dry clothes at home.

So as I stood in front of the display of tarts, cakes and cookies I felt the cold wet from my dress and knickers creep up my back and realised a soggy bottom in cake may not be very good, but on a person it is absolutely horrible.

An apple turnover that i will enjoy without a soggy bottom

An apple turnover that I will enjoy without a soggy bottom