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I read a quote today that has been jingling around in my brain, tugging at my conscious mind and making me wear my glasses. It really is  only a simple sentence that Mark Twain once said:

You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus

And while these wonderful words have been tumbling around in my mind I couldn’t help but think about all those inspirational quotes that we see, read or even collect every single day.

As I pondered the reason behind our fascination with wise words and quirky quotes I stumbled upon an article in Psychologies dealing with just that topic. It seems that the reason behind us “inspire-bombing” various social media sites and tweeting uplifting words, is that they motivate us to go from negative to positive in an instant.

Another reason is that without too much effort we can chew on bite size wisdom. No need to read those chunky philosophy books to find a ray of sun between the clouds, nor do we have to research world religions for some spiritual guidance, just a quick click onto facebook, printertest or twitter and we can reap what others have sown.

It also means that we don’t always have to admit to our own thoughts, feelings or ideas but we can hide behind the words of others, protecting our inner emotions from being too exposed. However maybe that also means we distance ourselves from our true feelings, put a lovely label on it instead of truly allowing ourselves to deal with what it is going on inside.

So with that in mind maybe I should try to focus my own imagination, instead of  putting on my glasses and finding someone else’s words to express my dreams.